The Next Generation of Technology Solutions
“BTAMSC”, Banking Technologies Asia MSC {estd.2001}; is a Independent Think Tank, Fintech and Big Data company. We redefine processes with thoughtful consultancy and develop technology anew for deployment. We Collaborate, Incubate, Co-Invest and define strategic value creating ventures. Physically headquartered in Malaysia and Portugal, We service worldwide.
ReInvent the Physical Presence with a Tasks Based Efficient Digital Office.
Restructure skills and resources assets globally with BTAMSC start to end solutions.
ReAlign resources to specific tasks, objectives to meet goals, outlined in milestones.
RePresent in various online channels and grow to your full potential.

Financial Bourses
A world
Without Borders.
Without barriers and monopolices protecting the inefficient are been questioned. The days of segregation are behind us. Talent remains global and capital follows it. Redundant processes once identified become obsolete. Value creation meets success. Technology deployment demands speed!. Its Human Evolution not Revolution. Will you sink or swim?.

Progressively Evolve and aggregate extensible success, deploy existing resources and reinvent. Strategic deployment and high standards delivers value to your customers, our customers!. To redefine processes, Ask BTAMSC, Give us a Challenge!.  As Quants, Data is our best friend, without bias and corruption, we identify the inefficient and make them obsolete. For a Better World! Full of Love. For you, for us and our Lovely Planet.

What are we working on:



Snapwire Breaking News is an alternative media channel allowing anyone to submit news breaking pictures, snaps, videos, relevant content and curate stories from across the web social networks. In line with our social community development platform. The entire application is still in build development mode and regular modules are released into the public production environment.

Tags: Snapwire Breaking News, Alternative Media, Become a citizen News Reporter.

Joint Venture Opportunities

bidlease-domain-brokersBTAMSC is currently seeking partners to value add in the following joint ventures. Cloud based solution, SocialNetwork platform, Alternative News Media,, P2P+Merchant Solutions, Virtual and Social Gifting, Ebooks Magazine Store, Expats community site,, Free online educational platform and virtual office platform

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At the core of BTAMSC sits a group of Quants, on any given day, we have artificial intelligent bots, which spider information from various sources, into our datasets {without bias}, with this; we output probability ratio’s, which tells us; What the future holds. What others refer to as good luck, we call it  “Preparation before time”.

We build businesses for the Future!, We own businesses in this future. We can sell you a business and a strategy consisting of a good degree of win/loss ratio. We can ReInvent, ReStructure, ReAlign and RePresent your organization. Our Fees are Dynamic and object oriented. Start your innovation today!.

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 BTAMSC seeks high energy individuals to participate in Futuristic information technology opportunities. We are a company, where there is something new to learn and deploy every day!. Foundations of the past are necessary, its hard to argue with the unintelligent.

Our commitments to clients are based on specific goals and execution capabilities. Our entire office is virtual. You can work on a specific project from anywhere in the world. We are currently hiring individuals in Malaysia from Johor to Kedah, with occasional reporting to our node centre in CyberJaya.