Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing – Global Economic Collapse


Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing – Global Economic Collapse How to Profit in Chaos! By; Daniel Mankani The global economy is extremely weak and data from the last quarter too has been in dismay, the second greatest collapse, since the great depression is now under way. Published on: Jan 18, 2016 @ 03:20 The Financial press; since the start of the year has been very brutalĀ for believers ... Read More »

Its all about traffic – Daniel Mankani


Its all about traffic. The internet is all about traffic, lately in 2013 we have witnessed an interesting phenomena, established users in the digital space continue to acquire talent and web properties in the billions of dollars and in some cases, either concluding the business they have just acquired or simply as a means to add to their web properties. This is mainly for maintaining their dominan... Read More »

Yahoo is gonna break this promise – Daniel Mankani

Trends mankani Yahoo vows not to screw up! Buys Tumblr ! Yahoo is gonna break this promise… Internet Analyst’s, Investors and including Reuters these days, seem to have short memories, When the bull run gets going, every lagging stock starts looking like a winner, with the recent news that Yahoo is acquiring tumblr, for a billion dollars valuation, What will become of tum... Read More »

Opportunity beckons for India!

Opportunities / Trends

Woman Power Opportunity beckons for India! India is facing its own Tahir movement, soceity from all sides are unhappy with the manner the country is governed, for the last two years, corruption took centre stage as the main topic, what has resolved, is little. But people are trying, they are waking up to the facts of live and realize the difference in Inda vs-a-vs elsewhere, And it’s this co... Read More »

Perceptions December 2011


Flavors Magazine Interview, Excepts. Read More »

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